Four 伯克利 Artists Move to Battle Round on 的声音

With two vocalists on 团队的传说 and one each on 团队格温 and 团队Reba, 伯克利 talent is set to heat up the competition.


随着每一个新的季节 的声音, it seems the question has shifted from "Will there be any 伯克利 contestants?到“有多少??" 

In the ongoing 24th season of the hit singing competition, all four 伯克利 artists that made it to the initial round of blind auditions—克劳迪娅·B,泰勒·迪宁, 朱丽叶·奥赫达, and CORii—have advanced to the battle rounds, which will run through the end of October.

What happens from here remains to be seen. 不管结果如何, 伯克利 continues to be a force to reckon with on the show, as is evident in each of the blind audition performances, which left the celebrity coaching panel stumbling over themselves to get the chance to work with these four singers.


泰勒·迪宁B.M. '21

看 Deneen give a performance of "Redbone,,作者是幼稚的甘比诺, that Niall Horan described as "flawless" and got John Legend out of his seat with excitement.


克劳迪娅·斯沃普B.M. '19, 谁扮演克劳迪娅, is visibly starstruck when the coaches groove along with her take on "Human Nature" by Michael Jackson. "You could tell you're a musician, because they have a way of working through a song,霍兰说, before later adding that "I went to 伯克利 too . . . 在我的一个梦里."  



Conservatory student and Cuban American 朱丽叶·奥赫达 gave a bilingual performance of "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton John, and despite revealing that she's a lifelong fan of Horan's previous band One Direction, she was ultimately swayed by Stefani's enthusiastic pitch.



考特妮·哈尔平·麦克布莱德B.M. '13, 谁扮演CORii, sang a rendition of "Scared to Be Lonely" by Dua Lipa and Martin Garrix that left country legend and judge Reba McEntire saying "I'm thrilled to have you and will help you in any way that I can."